Check out our study possibilities for pupil with migrant backgrounds

Did you know that if you are an immigrant you have multiple possibilities to study at Kauhajoen opisto?

Kauhajoen opisto is a folk high school located in South Ostrobothnia, Suupohja Region, Kauhajoki city. Learning environment in our school is peaceful and safe thanks to the beautiful and quiet rural countryside. Our school’s courtyard is idyllic and cozy. Among other things it includes the main building and student accommodations.

Our staff is supportive and we cherish the joy of learning in our everyday work. Our aim is to create a total environment for learning that optimizes the ability of students to learn.

Pupil with a migrant background the studies, living in student accommodations and dining at opisto are free of charge in following trainings:

Kuvataide koulutus maalaus

The goal of the integration training is to have the student achieve functional basic language skills, language proficiency level B1.1. The study modules of the integration training are as follows:

  • Finnish language, communication and interaction competence
  • Working life competence and entrepreneurship, employment and occupations in Finland, on-the-job learning in actual workplaces
  • Social and citizenship competence
  • Students are supported in their studies during their education. Guidance is given in studying skills, every day skills, and grading.

Training takes place in the daytime, 5 days a week and about 6 hours a day. 

Requirements for applying:

You are aged between 17-65.

You have lived in Finland less than 3 years. 

You are unemployed, or about to become unemployed.

TE services has agreed these studies upon in your integration plan. 

Before applying, please contact your TE Office, or the immigrant advisor of your municipality of residence. 

The TE office, Kela or municipality will determine your right to receive unemployment benefit or income support for the time of your studies. 

If you want to find out which profession is most suitable for you you can apply for this preparation training before starting vocational education. TUVA is a good choice if you want to apply to vocational upper secondary school but your need to improve your language and study skills. 

When you apply to TUVA you need a elementary school diploma/ comprehensive school leaving certificate, or the equivalent knowledge and skills. 

Core contents of TUVA are based on interdisciplinary learning modules which include

– studying skills and career planning

– basic skills (finnish language)

– everyday skills and social participation  

– getting to know vocational upper secondary education and training and/or general upper secondary education, and complete parts of these qualifications

– work-based learning

– optional subjects, which you can for example choose from artistic and practical subjects within Kauhajoen opisto’s own study programmes. 

Studying skills and career planning is a common unit for everyone. In addition students choose at least two optional subjects from the content. 

Please notice that TUVA is mainly for students of compulsory education age.

In TUVA we implement multiprofessional cooperation with Suupohjan koulutuskuntayhtymä Vuoksi, and Kauhajoen Lukio.  

Kauhajoen Opistossa maahanmuuttajille suunnattu koulutus
  • Basic education for adults

You can take part in basic education for adults if you have not completed your basic education, you discontinued your basic education, or you want to improve the grades on your basic education certificate.

Completing the entirety of comprehensive school takes about 2–4 years. If necessary, your studies can be stopped for a certain period and continued later.

At Kauhajoen opisto you can

– study the final phase of basic education for adults, where you complete your basic education and receive a basic education certificate.

You can study in this group if

– you are over 18

– you have no basic education certificate from your own country or Finland

– you have gaps in your knowledge and skills corresponding to content in the lower grade syllabus

On these courses, you will learn basic knowledge and skills you can use in various fields in your further studies. A personal study plan will be drawn up for you, consisting of Finnish, mathematics, IT, environment and nature studies and social studies.

Before applying we recommend that you contact your TE Office, or the immigrant advisor of your municipality of residence. The TE office, Kela or municipality will determine your right to receive student financial aid, unemployment benefit or income support for the time of your studies. 

For more information kindly contact 

Anu Salmela, head of TUVA and basic education

0400-432348, anu.salmela(a)opisto.info

Picture of Anu Salmela

Anu Salmela