In English

In English

KEO is a college owned by the Kauhajoki Evangelical College Support Association, which has been operating for more than 90 years. Today, winter study in different fields of study is focused on the arts, nursing, education and primary school studies. Is it necessary for the college to be able to complete open university undergraduate and subject-level grades in many subjects. Short courses are organized for all ages every year from 30 to 40. Expanding and deepening general education, preparing for a profession or postgraduate studies, practicing the arts, expression and creativity are good reasons to come to our college.

International academy

The basic idea of the folk high school is that the option is a boarding school, ie a boarding school, so some of the students live. Boarding pedagogy, ie the special nature of folk high schools, means that all possible optometrists are licensed and obliged to adorn their own background community values, which provides leisure activities for the provider. There are 76 folk high schools and 84 folk high school campuses in Finland.

The atmosphere in our college is free and encouraging. You can focus on studying the topics you want on your own or by creating together and it will give you the opportunity to go far, all the way to the profession.

You can find these on our college website and learn about our study lines and other offerings, and you can apply to the place to send applications to the college.

Kauhajoki Evangelical College is one of Finland’s 76 folk high schools, which includes private adult education institutions and operates financially as independent educational institutions. The pages of the Folk High School Association can be found at

There are 11 Evangelical Folk High Schools and they have a common website at