Education For Immigrants - Koulutus maahanmuuttajille

Koulutusta maahanmuuttajille! - Education for immigrants!

For immigrants who have lived less than three years in Finland. Integration training gives adult immigrants better possibilities of becoming a part of Finnish society. To receive unemployment benefit, you must take the initial survey and participate in integration training. The requirement to participate in the training concerns both labour market training and independent training funded with unemployment benefit. Before applying to studies be in contact to your areas TE-service.

When your goal is to get elementary school certificate. Studies are also recommended for immigrants who do not have comparable studies from their country of origin. After year of studies you may start studies in vocational school or in upper secondary school. You can apply anytime of the year. Studying is free for all.

Immigrants who require a wide range of studies on how to settle down in Finland, as well as wanting to work on understanding your relationship with Finland. In order to become a student you do not need to speak Finnish language.

Koulutus maahanmuuttajille - Education for immigrants

Integration training for immigrants -
Maahanmuuttajien kotoutumiskoulutus

Basic education for adults

International academy