Basic education for adults

Objectives and content

You study basic education subjects in a course format according to your personal study plan. 
You complete the Finnish basic education curriculum or parts of it
You get the skills to study at a second degree or get a job.
You get versatile guidance for your studies.
The duration of studies is 1-3 years.

Individual differences in study time can be large. Study time is affected by the starting level and the speed of progress.
At the beginning of the studies, a personal study plan is created for the student according to the level of knowledge and goals.

Entry requirements

You have turned 17 years old.
You have reading and writing skills
You do not have a Finnish basic education certificate.
You do not have sufficient basic education from your own country.
Your language skills are at level A2.1.


Application for studies starting in the fall is April 1. – May 31.
If necessary, you can also join the training during the school year. Ask the college if there are any vacancies in the group! The next academic year starts in mid-August and ends in May. There are 5 to 6 hours of teaching every weekday, the language of instruction is Finnish. The teaching takes place in Kauhajoki. The education is free of charge for the student., lunch is free on school days. There is also a free housing option in the college dormitory.

The training follows the principles of OPS for adult basic education.

More information

Call the school office: 020 765 9230, Suvi Hautala, phone 040-0432348, or Jussi Luoma phone 050 320 44545

Education for immigrants

Integration training for immigrants -
Maahanmuuttajien kotoutumiskoulutus

Basic education for adults

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