International Academy

Now you can take part in a great opportunity to work in a good atmosphere with studies that help you to understand better your relationship with Finland, its language and culture.


Migrants who require a wide range of studies on how to settle down in Finland, as well as wanting to work on understand your relationship with Finland. In order to become a student you need residence permit in Finland. Earlier Finnish language studies are not required.

Students will receive individual student counselling. The student will write with the supervisor a personal study plan, which will be monitored. If you like, you may also live at the institute and be a part of community life which will also help you to engage with the Finnish students. The community hosts a variety of events and evening entertainment, which is activated by the interaction between different cultures.


The price for just studying and lunch without living accomidations is 340€/month. Full board price, which includes instruction, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as housing in the institute in schooldays, is 408/month. 

Payment will be billed in five installments per semester, in ten installments per academic year. You can get 2% cash discount by paying all the course fees of the academic year in one installment at the beginning of the semester.


You aim to study by filling the application form

or subscribe to college (tel. +358 20 765 9230).
Brochures can also be ordered here.


to learn to use Finnish
to learn to know Finland and the Finns better
to get new friends
to find your own path to go to a new school or to work

We will help you forward.
Call +358 20 765 9230 or vice principal Jussi Luoma +358 50 320 4455.

Education for immigrants

Integration training for immigrants -
Maahanmuuttajien kotoutumiskoulutus

Basic education for adults

International academy